Statistical consulting

I offer statistical consulting to PhD students and other researchers who need help with study design, analysis or interpretation of results. I am familiar with a wide range of analysis techniques and tools, though I largely work in R and am. not the right person if you are primarily looking for tech support with another analysis tool (e.g., SPSS).

What my consulting can cover

The following is an (incomplete) list of topics that we can cover in consultation:

  • developing research questions and hypotheses,
  • designing surveys and/or experiments,
  • developing and validating measurement scales,
  • power analysis and sample size determination,
  • processing and cleaning data (particularly from noisy online/social media/observational sources),
  • calculating and reporting descriptive statistics,
  • conducting frequentist statistical analyses, such as
    • correlations and regressions,
    • multi-level/hierarchical models,
    • structural equation models,
    • meta-analyses and meta-regressions
  • creating and interpreting agent-based simulation models,
  • and reporting results and creating appropriate data visualizations

If you need help with something else, please get in touch - then we can see if I can help, or if I can direct you to someone better suited.

What I will do & not do

I offer consulting, not data analysis or writing services. Therefore, I am happy to

  • meet with you to understand your project,
  • provide advice, guidance and useful resources to enable you to address your problems,
  • review outputs and write-ups to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

I will not

  • run your analyses for you,
  • write any parts of your paper/dissertation,
  • and thus, insist you make me an author / credit me as a collaborator.

Overall, you will (have to) remain in the lead, and retain responsibility for your own work.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the typical client?

While I currently work in organisational psychology and meta-science, my background gives me a good understanding of other areas of psychology, education, management and other social and behavioural sciences. In that, I have worked with PhD students and more advanced researchers - addressing questions from study design to data visualization and reporting.

How do consultations work?

In a free initial consultation (typically around 15-20 mins), we can resolve open questions, make sure that I understand your needs and am the right person to help. If you decide to work with me, we schedule one or more consultation sessions (typically for 30 or 60 minutes) either in person around Bloomsbury in Central London or as a video conference. Throughout our interactions, I see it as my role to enable you to confidently (and correctly) conduct and present your research. Sessions can be recorded for personal use. To get started, please just send me an email and introduce your need - I will then usually respond within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

I charge 90 GBP per hour, with 20% discount for current PhD students. Clients remain in full control of the time spent as I will only work outside of face-to-face or online meetings based on explicit agreement.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.